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Laminators & Laminating machines

The modular laminators & laminating machines from FETZEL enthuse our customers all over the world. Anywhere, where the highest demands are made: in the electrical engineering industry, in research institutes, in medical technology, in printing works etc. Experience Austrian quality first-hand!

Coating with laminators

With our laminators, you can laminate various materials with all types of dry films: for example, PCBs, printed circuits, ribbon cables, ceramic parts, glass, metal plate, silicon wafers, fitted kitchen panels, diaphragms and much more.

  Laminators in different widths: 500 mm, 600 mm, adjustable


Print finishing with laminating machines

With our machines for the printing industry, you can enhance your offset and digitally printed products. Heat application of films gives printed materials the perfect finish. Lamination can be applied completely automatically or via a manual unit.

 The laminating machines: TLM 500, TLM 700, TLM eclypse


  • Our distribution partners for laminating machines and laminators in Germany:
Polatek Eningen, Deutschland