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Coating with laminators

With our laminators, you can coat a wide variety of materials with dry films of all kinds (various films, photoresist films, hotmelts etc.). Several hundred laminators are in use worldwide: in the electrical engineering industry, with automotive industry suppliers, at research institutes, in medical technology, in tthe sport installation and furniture industry and other sectors.

The tried & tested FETZEL laminators

  • SDL      – Standard Laminator: 500 mm working width
  • UVL      – Universal Laminator: 600 mm working width
  • SOL      – Special Laminator: customized design and working width

The new PROFESSIONAL laminators from FETZEL

  • SDLpro      – Standard Laminator: 500 mm working width
  • UVLpro      – Universal Laminator: 600 mm working width

with many new functions thanks to touchscreen operation!


Click this link to find out more about the laminators:
 Technical datasheet for laminators (download as PDF)


The laminators are universally deployable, precise and robust. Laminate with Austrian quality. FETZEL has been building laminators since 1984!

Use our individual solutions for your company. Order your laminator with exactly the required width and design.


  • Your direct contact person for your laminator
    Thomas Fetzel, +43/5550/2112-0
  • Our distributor in Germany

  • Our distributor for Russia and the other CIS countries