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CNC machining

FETZEL is one of the first ports of call for CNC contract work or CNC machining. Since 1979, customers from a wide variety of industries have ordered milled and turned parts from FETZEL.

Individual parts and large and small production runs are produced from a wide variety of materials: aluminum and various steels and plastics. We deliver the completely posttreated milled and turned parts!

CNC contract work – milled and turned parts

If required, FETZEL experts will optimized your CNC milled and turned parts. Many of our customers use this special service to get their design drawings revised. For you simplification translates into hard cash savings.

CNC machining – our machine shop

The high precision machines meet the highest demands of the CNC production technology. The ultramodern 7- and 5-axis cutting machines and 3D-measuring machines guarantee precision milled and turned parts, produced in an environmental responsible manner.