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CNC milling & turning

Since 1979, FETZEL has been producing milled and turned parts on a contract basis: single parts and production parts for small production runs. Our outstanding specialists, the state-of-the-art machines, an electronic presetting device, the latest tools and strategies for processing, a state-of-the-art CAM system and two 3D measuring machines as well as a wide variety of measuring and test instruments guaranteed the required precision and surface quality.

CNC milled parts from FETZEL

  • several 5-axis CNC cutting machines
  • Max. travel: X < 2360 mm | Y < 600 mm | Z < 800 mm
  • Speeds up to 18,000 rpm
  • Optimized chuck systems for high flexibility

CNC turned parts from FETZEL

  • Multitasking lathe center with 7-axes and bar feed
  • Lathes with and without back spindle, driven tools and bar feed
  • CNC turned parts: diameter 2–520
  • Spindle bore up to 110mm for single parts and small production runs

Your milled and turned parts are clean and free of burrs. If required, they can be washed, surface treated or coated.

If you want to cut costs: get your existing construction drawings revised and ask about our Cash Scout Service. This will save you hard cash in production!