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Custom-made machinery construction in 5 steps

Individual custom-made machines are produced according to a tried & tested work process. In five steps, the FETZEL team develops, designs, builds and installs a module or customized machine solution. You order the above services – as required – individually, combined or as a complete package.t.

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Development – step 1

FETZEL takes your ideas and visions and translates them into carefully thought out machine solutions. Our many years of experience in building custom-made machines pay off. If required, the machines are adapted to new requirements or individual specifications.

Design – Step 2

Ideas are concretized and your module or custom-made machine is designed on the modern SolidWorks 3D CAD system. For ease of data transfer, please use the preferred CAD formats

Design of the control system – Step 3

Detailed design of the electrical and control systems is indispensable in custom-made machine construction. Even at the preliminary stage, FETZEL integrates the control system into the design. Control cabinets, installations and the software for PLCs or industrial PCs are all designed and made with Voralberg pride.

Production – Step 4

FETZEL produces a large proportion of the mechanical components in-house. A large assortment of state-of-the-art machines are available for the production of the CNC turned and milled parts. The machines are efficiently programmed with the latest version of the Alphacam CAM system. Our skilled specialists work in aluminum and a variety of steels, special steels and plastics.

Assembly – Step 5

The mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems of the assemblies or custom-made machines are installed in our factory at Thüringen, Voralberg. Normally the machine is commissioned there, too. If required, however, this can be performed directly at your premises.

Accompanying technical documentation

For us, comprehensive technical documentation is a matter of course. All steps in the construction of your custom-made machine are precisely documented by the FETZEL team. The technical documentation is CE-compliant, i.e. all applicable standards are observed.