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Devices for locking systems

FMTec GmbH makes trunks for safekeeping valuable materials and tools. In order to guarantee the quality of its electronic locks, FMTec needed installation and test devices for its electronic lock system. FETZEL provided support in several areas:

  • First of all, we supported FMTec in the development of the electronic lock system for material and tool lockers. We then developed parts for the prototypes.

  • In the next stage, we developed, designed and produced devices that enabled efficient installation of the electronic lock systems.
  • Finally, we developed, designed and built the corresponding test devices.


In close cooperation with FMTec, we were able to develop and build suitable devices for installing and testing electronic locks. The initial concepts and requirements were effectively implemented.

Manfred Falch, Managing Director of FMTec GmbH:

“Why do we work with Fetzel Maschinenbau? This can be easily explained. For our developments, we only want partners that meet these criteria:


  • quickly understand the problem
  • efficient implementation due to experience and know-how
  • cost efficiency by effective use of materials


  • in finding possible solutions
  • in finding potential for savings
  • in implementing short-term customer requirements


  • in meeting the specified quality requirements
  • in provided support at short notice, if unexpected problems arise
  • in relation to agreed prices and deadlines

And that is just what we get from Fetzel Maschinenbau! This was clearly demonstrated with the complex test device for QA-ing the electronic locks as well as in many other production tools!”