We supply suitable machines and accompany laminating processes with our know-how!

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Film coating with optimal laminating systems and processes

Our laminating machines are used all over the world. With the appropriate model in each case, companies from various industries, e.g.

  • Production companies such as automotive suppliers
  • Research facilities and laboratories
  • Companies in energy and medical technology
  • Companies in the electrical and sports industry

Our roller laminators enable the lamination of a comprehensive range of products and materials. Coat flexibly with a wide variety of materials. Quality from Austria!

Versatile standard laminators

modular standard
laminator, adaptable
to your requirements

individual laminating machines

Developed precisely
for your
laminating process


we explore your ideas
and requirements
in trial operation first

Develop your
laminating process

Working out
the ideal laminating processes

Versatile laminators

Modular laminating machines for film coating
of materials and components!

Are you looking for a versatile and easily adaptable laminator? We have been developing and building tried and tested standard models for over 40 years.

With our laminating systems, you can coat a wide variety of materials with all types of films: printed circuit boards, printed circuits, flat ribbon cables, ceramic and carbon components, glass, sheet metal, silicon wafer, shear, membranes, fuel cells, flexible solar cells, and much more.

We manufacture the laminators in a modular system – from simple versions for manual use to fully automatedsolutions. All models offer

individually configurable process parameters for pressure, temperature, tension, speed, roller gap and surface
an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel
integrated recipe management for saving settings
simple and quick adaptation of functions in the event of market or technology-related changes

Our laminating machines offer maximum flexibility and investment security. Regardless of whether as a roller-to-roller application, with or without a cutting unit or as a laminator with combined robot feeding.

We guarantee reproducible and optimal product quality with our standard models. Choose a future proof investment!

Individual laminating machines

Laminating systems exactly for your needs

Do you have complex requirements? Are you looking for a roller laminator to complement your automated line? We develop and build the desired laminating machine specifically for your film coating. E.g. if you

need a particularly high accuracy between the laminating rollers
high forces for materials
a particularly precise tensile force e.g. of membranes
the simultaneous processing of

various films. The variety of materials and substances requires easily adaptable laminators. We get to know your application and build the right laminating system based on it.

We have been developing and manufacturing customised solutions at our Vorarlberg site in Austria for many decades. We would be happy to prepare a quotation for your ideal roller laminator!

Feasibility checks

Avoid failed attempts and save time and money

Do you need specific laminating results that follow specific quality characteristics? Do you want clarity for the manufacture of certain components?

We check for you whether the technology you are considering is suitable for your desired film coating. With our know-how, you are on the safe side.

Use the following options for a feasibility check:

Can the required materials be laminated?
Do the products bond sufficiently with each other or can several films be laminated at the same time?
Can a roller laminator replace a press?
Test your materials together with us at our location in Vorarlberg.
Follow the lamination process live - we will be happy to connect you via video conference.
Send us your substrates and films. We carry out the experiments with our technical centre machine.
You will then be provided with the created samples for you to review

Develop your laminating process

Are you looking for the optimal process for coating materials and Components with a wide variety of films? We will be happy to advise you on finding the ideal laminating process or adapting processes.

Joining a flat workpiece with a film or joining two films seem to be simple processes. The following questions show what needs to be considered for the ideal laminating technology, for example:

Is it possible to carry out thermal and cold lamination in one process step?
How can a stable process flow without folds and air bubbles be achieved?
How can the quality of the laminated product be permanently guaranteed?
What are the possibilities to increase the speed during production?
What circumstances limit your laminating process?

Use our know-how in laminating technology and our process support to find the ideal laminating process according to your quality requirements. We provide support quickly and effectively.

Our more than 40 years of experience in developing laminators will help you to achieve efficient coating with the right laminating technology. With our guidance, you save time and avoid failed attempts.

Easily customisable laminating systems – some features

We produce our roller laminators in various versions: for simple and complex applications. Depending on the requirements, we deliver the machines with manual feeding, cross cutter and/or robot feeding as a fully automated laminating system.

We build laminators for laboratories, among other things. These benefit from many setting and logging options as well as good accessibility. Our laminating machines in production fulfil a high level of occupational safety, are easy to operate and can be retooled quickly.

Feature: non-stick coating for laminating systems

In addition to hard roller surfaces made of Teflon or PFA, we supply rollers with flexible rubber coatings with a non-stick effect. Read more about the non-stick coating.

Some equipment options

Your direct benefits

Laminating rollers heatable up to 200º C

enables the thermal processing of a wide variety of materials incl.
cold film

Temperature per roller adjustable. Measurement takes place inside the rollers or contactlessly outside

Results in high reproducibility

Infinitely variable speed adjustment: 0.1-5 m/min or 0.1-10m/min

Covers everything – from hand samples to production use

Preheating unit

Faster and even more constant processing

Integrated, powered pull-out rollers

tensions films even with the laminating roller open, reduces rejects in the event of stopped processes

Two integrated film unwinders, manually or pneumatically braked, equipped with pneumatic expansion shafts

ensures very easy loading of the film, perfect running, a constant tension and thus for uniformly laminated products

collapsible winding shafts

quickly remove the wound-on protective film – without the use of a cutter. Particularly helpful for clean rooms, as no dust is produced

motorised infeed table

automatically transports the placed products into the laminator

Steam vent nozzle

enables the extraction of unpleasant or toxic vapours by connecting to an in-house extraction system – health precaution for employees

Travelling cross cutter

isolates laminated products without stopping the laminating process – the workflow remains constant

Principles of film coating

Depending on your requirements, we supply our laminators according to one of these four laminating principles:


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