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The modular design of FETZEL laminators is popular around the world. They can be used universally, and they are precise and stable. FETZEL has been building machines for coating with dry film since 1984; take advantage of Austrian quality for your coating tasks!

Coating with laminators

Use our machines to coat a wide variety of materials with all kinds of dry films, e.g. different films, photo-resistant films, and hot melts. Use FETZEL laminators to coat PCBs, printed circuits, ribbon cables, ceramic parts, glass, sheet metal, silicon wafers, fitted kitchen panels, diaphragms, and much more.

Several hundred units are in use worldwide in the electronics industry, by automotive suppliers, at research institutes, in medical technology, in the sports and furniture industry, and in other industries.

Our laminators at a glance

  • separate heating, easily replaced rollers with silicone-rubber coating
  • temperature of each roller separately adjustable, including contact-free measurement
  • infinitely variable roller gap and roller application force
  • 2 film coils with 3″ mountings
  • 2 rewinders for protective film
  • available in table-top or standalone machine versions

Tried and tested FETZEL devices

  • SDL      – Standard Laminator: 500 mm working width
  • UVL      – Universal Laminator: 600 mm working width
  • SOL      – Special Laminator: customized design and working width

Read more about the technical details here!

Laminator SDL-UVL, Beschichten mit Trockenfilmen, FETZEL

Professional FETZEL machines

  • SDLpro      – Standard Laminator: 500 mm working width
  • UVLpro      – Universal Laminator: 600 mm working width

Including numerous functions via the touchscreen operation!

Professional Laminator (SDL_UVL Professional) für das Beschichten mit Trockenfilmen der FETZEL Maschinenbau GmbH

Custom-made versions according to your requirements

Take advantage of our experience in special machine engineering for your own company. For many years, we’ve been building customer-specific solutions: For example, a roller to roller laminator for unrolling flexible base materials and a traction force-controlled product winder. Diameters up to 600 mm are able to be processed. We offer you machines with cutting units and special models of in-feed tables. Get more information here!

Our precise and stable laminators can be used universally. Coat using quality from Austria. FETZEL has built devices for coating since 1984. Order your laminator with exactly the required width and design.

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