Cutting machines

The new cutting machine –
a real multi-talent

For cutting of films,
paper and flexible materials

The film cutting machine (GSC1) cuts paper, laminate or
film webs automatically into sheets. It cuts flexible
printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. The machine is designed
for the automotive, packaging and graphic arts industries, incl.
advertising technology. The highlights at a glance:

  • various cutting programmes with countless setting options
  • as a stand-alone machine or seamlessly integrated into the line
  • sturdy and compact design
  • robust, self-sharpening cutter
  • freely selectable operating screen – ideal integration into the production line

Use this quality from Austria for cutting films, paper in printing works and
flexible materials!


hand unit, can be selected
from the roller or inline,
operating side


control via

high performance

high working-
speed with
exact positioning


modular programmes,
very compact and
robust construction

Cutting machines for industry and printing works

This cutting machine is proving to be a multi-talent for the
signmaking, packaging, electronics, automotive and graphic arts

We are happy to adapt them to your requirements. The operating direction can be
ordered from left to right or from right to left, depending on
the place of use. Some of the features:

Loading by hand or use in the line

The basic version allows manual loading of sheets and
cutting of paper or film webs coming from a device positioned in front of it, e.g. a laminator. The integrated dancer detects the speed of the paper or film web and controls the feed of the cutting machine.

Working from the roll

The use of a roll unwinder enables the cutting of a
rolled-up paper or film web. The manual unwinder is available for
simple and light rolls. The motorised unwinder
enables unmanned machining of an entire roll of up to 140 kg.

A sheet stacker is in the planning stage. Optionally, we supply the unit
with a colour contrast sensor and a recipe management system for saving
the settings of various cutting programmes for different

The advantages of the film cutting machine

automatic adaptation to the speed of the preceding machine in the line
700 mm wide fly cutter with self-sharpening blade - variable cutting width between 40 and 700 mm
Direction of flow from left to right - or from right to left
driven discharge table, adjustable inclination, for folding down
high-quality, variable sensors for the detection of edges, colour marks or colour contrasts
Integrated blow-off nozzles for film residues
large, transparent protective cover for very good accessibility
Sheet counter and countdown
precise drive and high working speed - up to 35 m/min
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm

Various cutting programmes for printing works and industry

This machine cuts precisely to the set length. It recognises
edges, transparent gaps, cut marks or
colour contrasts of the paper or film web in printing works or
industry. As an option, we can equip your cutting machine with a
recipe management system. This allows you to save all products with the
appropriate program settings and export them via a
USB stick.

To length
To leading edge
To trailing edge
To leading and trailing edge
Optional: Cutting based on optical marking or colour contrast
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Cutting machine GSC1 – the specifications


Cutting of films, paper
and flexible materials

Product data

Product format min./max.

50 mm/700 mm

Clearance height

4 mm


50–400 g/m2 up to max. 0,5 mm


20–500 µm


Paper, polypropylene, polyester, and many more.

Roll unwinder

manual or motorised

Technical data

Supply voltage





120 W

Operating pressure

6 bar/min. 5 L/min

Working speed max.

35 m/min

Positional accuracy

+/- 0,1 mm


Stellfüße, fixierbare Lenkrollen oder Heberollen

Outer dimensions (LxWxH)

700 x 1200 x 900 mm

Dead weight


Our customisable cutting machine is ideal for use in printing works and for applications in industry.

Use this multi-talent with its high working speed and modular programs for cutting films, paper in printing works and flexible materials individually or as part of a line.


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